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About Ipsos

Ipsos is an independent market research company, supervised and managed by professional researchers.  Established in France in 1975, Ipsos has developed into a global research group which has a presence in all major markets.  In October 2011, Ipsos acquired Synovate to make it the third largest market research company in the world.

With offices in 84 countries, Ipsos provides the insight expertise in 6 (six) specialist research areas, namely: Advertising, Customer Loyalty, Marketing, Media, Public Affairs Research and Survey Management. Ipsos in Indonesia was established in 2008.  The company’s specialty is in the areas of Marketing (experiment, exploration, shopper); Qualitative, ASI (Copy Testing and Tracking); Loyalty (of customers and employees satisfaction) with clients ranging from Consumer Goods, Durable Goods, Telecommunications, Automotive, Service Industry and Pharmaceuticals.  

For more information, please contact us: info@ipsos.co.id 

Ipsos Marketing MUM - Market Understanding and Measurement

Ipsos Marketing MUM aims at understanding consumers, shoppers and markets to drive business growth.

Our experts help their clients identify business opportunities and innovation platforms, define the best positioning for their brands, allocate their Marketing investments and develop winning strategies at the point of sale.

Ipsos is the only global agency with a dedicated practice in this area, under-pinned by a powerful and validated philosophy centered on people and human motivations. Our solutions are based on simplified metrics and always linked to business outcomes, through an extensive usage of workshops and simulations.

Ipsos Marketing InnoQuest – The Innovation and Forecasting Specialists

Ipsos InnoQuest is dedicated to helping clients maximize the ROI of their innovation initiatives and build profitable businesses.

From the earliest stages of innovation to brand maturity, our experts provide world-class solutions to help marketers: generate insights and ideas, develop and optimize their mix, and model and forecast sales volumes.

Ipsos InnoQuest is the only global practice on the market that provides a complete end-to-end innovation offer based on a powerful and consistent philosophy, and flexible forecasting models customized for various verticals.

Our recommendations are always linked to financial measures and in-market potential, with scenario-planning simulations and workshops as part of our servicing.

Ipsos Marketing Shopper

  • Shopper Marketing is a fast growing area of marketing as the results offer high Return on Investment with so many decisions made at Point of purchase
  • Our aim is to help Manufacturer and Retailers sell more through a better understanding of their shoppers behaviour
  • Our client base includes most of the world’s leading Retailers and Manufacturers
  • Our Shopper framework underpins the studies we conduct which cover the entire shopper journey.
  • We focus on emerging markets knowing the importance of the traditional trade to our multi-national clients
  • We have a suite of globally harmonised Shopper solutions which are interpreted by our local experts.
  • We have technology partners which enable us to test Shopper marketing activities • We are linked through our Global Centre Of Excellence sharing best practice and latest trends.

Ipsos UU – The Qualitative Research Specialists

Bringing life to life:

“We understand people. We understand life. Our research is about inspiring our clients, not just informing them. And we do that by bringing to life the world in which their brands live.”

With more than 1000 world class researchers, Ipsos UU is the world's leading Qual community. And with the biggest share of insights.

Through our belief in intellectual generosity, that insight and expertise is shared with everyone in our community.

We love the power of context to explore Life in real time, we love using technology to get us closer to people and their eco-system of influences, and we love going deeper to unearth the freshest insights.

Ipsos UU is founded on intellectual generosity, powered by strategic thinking and striving to be a catalyst for change.

Ipsos ASI (Advertising Research)

We at Ipsos ASI believe that successful advertising builds stronger brands. Ipsos ASI, founded in 1962, offers marketers state-of-the-art advertising research built on 40 years of experience, using measures predictive of in-market performance across the various stages of advertising development and implementation. Our services are used around the world by advertisers to leverage their advertising investments.

This makes Ipsos ASI the largest provider of advertising pre-testing services in the world. Although our history is rooted in copy testing, we are much more, providing leading services in the areas of advertising tracking and brand equity evaluation. Ipsos ASI offers a full range of advertising research solutions to help clients make the best decisions at all stages of the advertising development process, and to maximize the return on their advertising investment. Our commitment is to provide insights to advertisers to help in the development, evaluation, and improvement of their advertising efforts. This is why Ipsos ASI can help you build stronger brands.

Ipsos Loyalty

Ipsos Loyalty is the specialized division of Ipsos dedicated to improving business performance through proactive management of customer and employee relationships. At Ipsos Loyalty we believe that a successful organization is like a successful community. Both have relationships at their heart. Both thrive on mutually beneficial relationships.

Our essential benchmark is Profitable Loyalty. We work with our clients to build relationships which bring them financial success but which also give precise benefits and services to the customer. Loyal relationships that can provide a safety net of positive emotions and experiences to help keep you bonded to your customers when times get tough.

Our offer is holistic; management capabilities for organizations from employee engagement to customer satisfaction and quality perceptions, linked to brand strategies and business outcomes. We are able to fuse our survey research with client databases, transactional data, digital, quantitative and qualitative information. Our offer is backed by the resources, expertise and global reach of Ipsos, one of the world’s largest market research firms.